Television Star Visits Kilgore College.

The star of the ABC sitcom "Rodney", paid a visit to some East Texas college students today. Comedian Rodney Carrington began performing his stand up routine in Longview in the 1980s. Today, returning to his roots in Kilgore, he shared his success story with the students of Kilgore College.

"Well how does anyone do it, theres a lot of factors I think it was a fear of manual labor that started it all you know," says Carrington.

His show is based on his life experiences. The 36 year old says he views his success with modesty.

"I feel like I snuck in! I feel like I fooled them, I still feel like I'm fooling them," he says.

Carrington attended Kilgore from 1988-90, and developed "Rodney" in 2003 after being approached to create a television pilot for a proposed situational comedy.

"He always had this talent of making people laugh and everybody loved it, very happy to have him back and you're happy when any student makes a success of his life no matter what filed it's in," says Carrington's former Kilgore College theatre teacher, Raymond Caldwell.

The Pine Tree High School graduate moved to Los Angeles last summer and began filming his show. He's always felt he was a natural at comedy.

"At some point when I was a kid I didn't go 'well I'm going to be a comedian,' that was going to be the case. I don't think it's anything you can learn," says Carrington.

The show, "Rodney" currently airs Tuesday nights on ABC. Rodney Carrington also still tours the country with his stand-up act.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.