Mekhail's Former Patients Happy With Reprimand

An East Texas doctor, has been ordered not to perform surgical procedures in any non-accredited office, hospital or surgery center for 2 years.

The order came from the Texas Board of Medical Examiners who has investigated the case for more than a year.

Dr. Mounir Mekhail is an anesthesiologist who started performing cheap cosmetic surgeries in his office in Tyler.

We first introduced you to Dr. Mekhail in 2003, when KLTV 7's Michelle Mortensen launched a 4- month investigation into his cosmetic surgery practice.

Michelle met with several of Dr. Mekhail's patients when she started this investigation. They were alleging some pretty severe things.

They felt Dr. Mekhail ruined their bodies. One woman had holes in her stomach from the lipo he performed.

Another was badly deformed. They say Dr. Mekhail's punishment proves justice can prevail.

''Thank God. Thank God. Finally. Justice has been done," said Veronica Gilbert when I told her Dr. Mounir Mekhail would not be practicing cosmetic surgery any time soon.

"I am glad it came out, I am glad something was done and that was because of you, Michelle, " she added.

A year and a half ago, Veronica agreed to share her story with me about her visit with Dr. Mekhail.

She had liposuction on her legs. But the procedure left her deformed, full of lumps and bumps that caused her excessive pain.

Today Veronica says her body is still damaged, but that she's healing emotionally.

She says Mekhail's reprimand helped the healing process, though she doesn't feel it was enough. In particular the fine of 2500 dollars.

"Apparently what he got fined was less than half of what I paid him. Not to mention all the other lady's he messed up, so I think it should have been more," says Gilbert.

But the fact his office is now closed and he can't practice cosmetic surgery the way he did, makes Veronica feel like her voice was heard.

"I already feel better that he can't do this to other women."

When I got word Dr. Mekhail had been reprimanded by the board I did contact everyone who was involved in my originally investigation. That included other patients, and board certified plastic surgeon James Motlagh.

He said the penalty given to Mekhail is very severe. Dr. Mekhail's office on Grande Boulevard is now vacant and up for lease.

Michelle Morttensen, Reporting.