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Freedom Fighters: Roy King

(Source: Roy King) (Source: Roy King)
(Source: Roy King) (Source: Roy King)
(Source: KLTV News Staff) (Source: KLTV News Staff)
(Source: Roy King) (Source: Roy King)
(Source: Roy King) (Source: Roy King)
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Roy King spent six months in a Tokyo hospital after being wounded in Korea. King went into the army in May of 1952, and arrived in Korea four months later.
By December,, King had constantly been in battle in the most miserable conditions imaginable

It was on December 22 that King and fourteen others in his group left base to set up an ambush. But instead, they were ambushed.

King had been wounded three times in just a matter of minutes.

Corpsmen loaded King on a stretcher  and tried repeatedly to carry him up the steep incline, but King kept sliding off the stretcher. Finally, by tying him to the stretcher with telephone wire, they were able to transport him by Jeep to an aid station, an entire night's ride away.

King spent six  months in a Tokyo hospital, recuperating from his wounds. 36,516  Americans were killed in the Korean War and over 103,000 were wounded.

King said, "The Korean War is called the forgotten war; nobody remembers it, nobody wants to remember it."

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