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Tyler Man Has Unique Golf Collection

In a way, you could say Don Ragsdale is a golf fanatic. After all, he's been playing the sport for nearly 50 years. But it's his collection of golf balls that really gives it away. A collection he began back in the 1960's.

"[The] Cotton Belt Company used to be here, railroad company," said Ragsdale, "and they sold out to somebody else and I thought, that would be good to save because Cotton Belt's gone, and I'll have this logo. That really started it and I began saving just a few at a time every time I found some.  It just snowballed and at the present time, I have over 4,000."

A collection of logo balls that began as a simple display in his garage, quickly turned into a sort of personal shrine to the game in a backyard workshop. And this is no random display. There are balls that represent golf courses, more than 600 of those. There are state balls, company balls, school balls, team balls and signature balls.  There are balls from all over the world.

"I can't remember all of them," said Ragsdale, "but it's amazing how many that you can remember, and somebody will say, here's a logo, and I'll say, I've already got that one."

Someday, Don says he plans to catelog all of his balls for posterity sake.

"It's just fun to fool with them," said Ragsdale.

But more than that, it's about the memories. You see each ball represents a moment in time, of a golf game, or an old friend who thought enough to pass one along, and, the 77 year old says, he's not through making new memories.

"I keep saying, well, I guess I'll stop sometime, but I don't," said Ragsdale.  "I haven't reached that point, so I'm going to have to move some things around here and make me some more display cases."

Kevin Berns reporting.

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