D.A. Hopes To Curb Teen Drinking On Prom Night In Gregg County

In an effort to prevent teens from drinking on prom night, limo drivers will now be held responsible. That's the warning from Gregg County district attorney, Bill Jennings. He sent letter to all local limousine companies.

Jennings wants drivers to call law enforcement if they find teenagers with alcohol. Limo driver, John Bisese says the letter was clear. "If you as a limo driver participate in it whether it's buying it for them or turning your head and not doing anything about that, you're going to be prosecuted. I think it's good," says John.

The district attorney also gave the same warning to hotel managers around town. He says parents also hold a lot of responsibility on prom night. Jennings suggests parents plan after prom parties that do not involve alcohol.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com