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4/13/05-Van Zandt County

Trashing East Texas: CR 4812

"Well, there's three or four junk cars out there, lawnmower, washers, dryers. They're beginning to dump their household trash down in the creek bed. And it's growing. It's coming our way," Margaret Worley, a homeowner on CR 4812, said.

After two years of living with their neighbor's unsightly mess, Margaret and her husband, John, took their constable to the site of the nuisance.

"Even though this is a dry bed, this is still a river bed," Precinct 4 Constable Pat Jordan said.

Trash like that, Jordan says, attracts pests like flies and rats. And that's a violation of the health and safety code.

"We enforce abandoned cars under the transportation code," Jordan said.

He says, everyday, he passes hundreds of places that look just like that property or worse. He says every law enforcement officer is obligated to respond to dump sites you report.

"A lot of law enforcement agencies, they want to pass it on to someone else," Jordan said.

Jordan said he'd talk to the homeowner once the man came home and then decide if he deserves a chance to clean up. But that's only the case when people are dumping on their own property. Otherwise...

"When people go down the road and throw their trash out, I've got zero tolerance for that. They are going to get a ticket," Jordan said.

"Why would they want to trash their own place? Why does anybody want to live like that?" John said.

Questions about a personal decision that becomes everyone's business if you trash East Texas.

Last night, Jordan was finally able to reach the homeowner who was trashing his own property. The homeowner told Jordan he was very sorry and promised to clean up. So, Jordan gave him a warning and gave him 10 days to clear out the trash, or face a citation.

Julie Tam, reporting.


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