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Investigation: Clawback

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“It’s actually costing you more to acquire the drug with your insurance than it could if you walked in off the street and told them you didn’t have insurance.”

It’s exactly the opposite of what we’ve been led to believe, but in some cases your health insurance is costing you more for your prescriptions and your insurance company is making a profit.

It’s a called a clawback, and it works like this:  if the regular cost for your prescription is $10, and your prescription co-pay is $30, then your insurance has essentially clawed back the remaining $20, paying nothing out of pocket themselves, and leaving you footing the bill for all of it.  And some people are calling it outright fraud.  So which insurance companies do this, and how can you protect yourself?

We’ve laid out all of the details that you need to see before you walk back into a pharmacy, in Clawback, a Special Investigative Report, tonight at 10.

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