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Better East Texas: A dark campaign season


The race for president moves forward with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each prepping for their respective party conventions in July.

Between now and then we will see the political machines in overdrive trying to control what information is released concerning the candidates. It seems this year that there is a heightened expectation on everything from Donald Trump’s tax returns and Hillary Clinton’s emails to the list of vice president considerations, the status of each candidates’ faith and to their thoughts on filling the Supreme Court.

It is almost like the tone has switched to an “I gotcha” environment as opposed to what these candidates plan to do concerning real issues that will truly, immediately, impact each American. That is a product of this slimy campaign season.

If you look back to President Barack Obama’s actions, there are no real surprises on this front – his actions have been predictable. You may not agree with him, but there is no tabloid fodder. The current candidates have plenty and they seem to have no problem magnifying it on the campaign trial. Both Trump and Clinton need to immediately begin the process of legitimizing their candidacies in order to preserve and grow the honor associated with the nation’s highest office.

If not, we will not move forward as a country - no matter the winner, as they will be scarred beyond repair and will be ineffective regardless of their agenda. That may not be realistic, though, as tabloid actions at all levels seem to resonate with a loud few and that fuels the fire of the dark comedy that this campaign has become.

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