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Better East Texas: Lifting desegregation order will help schools


The Tyler Independent School District Board of Trustees voted to file a motion to end the federal desegregation order that has been in place for more than 45 years.

The order was originally issued by federal Judge William Wayne Justice because Tyler schools were not desegregating students and teachers and administrators were not racially in balance with the community. It was a trying time in the early 70s and many school districts were behind in addressing the need for racial balance.

The court order specifically addresses the balance between black and white students. Well, 45 years is a long time and lot of work has been done at great expense and while it is not perfect, it is passed time that for order be lifted. In 1970, Tyler ISD was predominantly white in its student and faculty makeup. Now ,Hispanics make up the largest population group at more than 45 percent of the student population.

Racial balance in the teacher population is in much better shape as well, so the order, again, needs to be lifted. It will save the money that is now being used to report to Washington on the state of the district – money that can be redirected back into the local system. It may not be a perfect resolution but, honestly, our kids seem to be a lot less concerned with race than we, as parents, are and perhaps this is the overriding lesson for us all.

Removing this order will help schools even more and will make for a Better East Texas.

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