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"Does It Work?"-4/14/09

Smart Spin: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell

Need some organization in the kitchen? We may just have the thing. This week's "Does It Work?" product has 49 pieces, yet fits in a space less than one square foot. The Smart Spin is a system that stores all your kitchen containers and lids. Ah... But "Does It Work?"

Got more bowls and lids than you have space? The Smart Spin is supposed to allow you to store all your containers and lids in less than one square foot. You get 24 ounce, 16 and 8 ounce containers--8 of each.. You also get 24 "locking" lids that fit them all.

Construction of the Smart Spin's lazy Susan type device is intuitive, so don't try to read the instructions. Just put it together by placing the tabs in the slots where they fit. It holds all the parts-- the bowls and the lids. It's eleven inches deep, so it should fit in your cabinet. It has non skid pads on the bottom so you can spin it and slide the device out toward you after you open your cabinet doors.

We take it for a spin and test the claim that you can chose and assemble a bowl/lid match with a blindfold. It worked.

We filed a few bowls with water and sealed them up with the matching lids. No leaks.

So far, we're impressed. Then heated a water-filled container in the microwave for two minutes. Back on goes the lid... and we had leaks! We repeated the process with several containers. Same results. They sealed tight before heating. But after just a couple of minutes in the microwave, the containers apparently warped just enough to let water leak out at lid seal.

We double-checked the box and sure enough the Smart Spin containers are advertised as microwave and dishwasher safe.

"Does It Work?" We love the idea, but can't justify giving it a yes.  If you don't need to use them in the microwave or dishwasher...or if you want to use it in the garage for nuts and bolts, the idea certainly has some merit.  We give the Smart Spin a maybe.

We paid $19.99 for the Smart Spin at Target.  It's available now at and other online retailers.

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