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A.D.D.I.C.T. A Ministry To Help People In Need

This is a house of hope. It's the home of the A.D.D.I.C.T. program, which stands for "a dedicated disciple in Christ today."

Here men and women can find refuge in a time of need.

"Persons who have been victimized, been addicted to drugs and alcohol, people who have been in prison, parolees," says Bishop David Houston.

The ministry started by Bishop Houston's church, takes in anyone who needs to make a fresh start. And its all free.

"We provide food, lodging, clothing, whatever they need," he adds.

Jospeh Poole has been in the program since February, he says it's changed his life.

"I was on the streets doing drugs and alcohol, ruining my life and I have a wife and three kids in Dallas," says Poole.

Today he no longer wants drugs or alcohol.

Sherman Trivette has had a similar experience.

"My focus has changed from myself to wanting to serve God and he has renewed my strength," says Trivette.

The Bible based program was started by Denise Oliver who has a heart for people trying to get their lives back. It's something she knows a lot about.

"Everytime I got out of jail or prison I went back to the same environment. A lot came to jail but they weren't there when I got out and I had no where to go to," says Oliver. But says now people do have aplace to go thanks to ADDICT.

"They've been rejected by their families and society in general so we are concenred about those downtrotten, forgotten people."

It's worked for 12 graduates so far. And both Bishop Houston and Denise have no plans of stopping their ministry until every person who wants help, gets it.

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