Laci Peterson's Mother Speaks At Crime Victim's Conference

"I still think about Laci every day. I cry every day. I miss her." When Sharon Rocha talks about her daughter, she's flooded with pain.

"Laci is just an outgoing, great person ... I can't do this."

She has difficulty talking about Laci, because to this day, she has no idea why Laci's life was taken away.

"I don't understand it, i don't know why men feel its their only option. It isn't. It isn't an option at all."

On Christmas Eve 2002, Sharon got a phone call from her son-in-law, Scott Peterson, saying Laci was missing.

"It was just a matter of seconds when the word missing hit me and I knew something was really, really wrong."

She says at first she didn't want to believe Scott had anything to do with it, but soon she couldn't help but recognize it was possible.

"I'd think about things, even things on that Christmas eve night that he said that just didn't fit."

Today she admits Scott, the killer we all know, is not the man her daughter married.

"Were there signs, sometimes I think I should have seen something honestly. But there was nothing in particular."

Nothing in particular is what scares Sharon so much. Since Laci's murder, Sharon has learned 95 percent of women murdered while pregnant are killed by their husbands or baby's fathers. Copy cat crimes like the murder of Lori Hacking, the pregnant woman in Utah, have concerned Sharon greatly, because these men seem to be living double lives.

"Friends of mine, actually 2 in particular went home, sat with their husbands and asked are you the person I think you are or are you somebody else."

Sharon says since she's started sharing Laci's story she's been flooded with phone calls and e-mails from women who feel they were involved with a man who wasn't what he claimed to be.

"And because of the nature of Laci's case its made them look at their situation differently."

She just hopes by talking to others she's helping save other women, and other families from enduring the pain of losing a loved one.