Better East Texas: Who's on the ballot?

Better East Texas: Who's on the ballot?

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - With the national political process quieting a little, it is easy to want to sit back and look toward September for the fireworks to start between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but there is still work to be done locally in regard to the primary election.

Hopefully you remember that there is a run-off for several Republican state-level positions that involved three or more candidates back in March. When none of those candidates received 50 percent or higher in the vote tally, a run-off was triggered and that run-off is Tuesday, May 24.

The highest profile race is the race for State Senate, District 1 between Bryan Hughes and David Simpson. But another, a seat on the State Board of Education features candidates from our area as well.

Mary Lou Brunner and Kevin Ellis have experienced a very public campaign with a load of media attention on Brunner's social media posts as well as her plans on what she will do if elected to the State Board of Education. Honestly, some of the ideas seem a little extreme but this is the election season when the voting populous has responded to extreme and emotional and rebellious even to the point of sacrificing facts.

Finally, there is a state rep seat in District 5 and Railroad Commissioner seats on both the Democratic and Republican tickets. So our work is not done and everyone needs to complete the voting process and vote in the run-off, to do otherwise would abandon the system that makes America a shining star.

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