Tyler Pipe Slashes More Than 200 Jobs

More than 200 people are out of a job tonight as Tyler Pipe makes massive cutbacks without warning.

It afftects 20 percent of its workforce, and the company blames foreign competition and cheaper imports for cutting the jobs here. Tyler Pipe, and parent company McWane say the imports make some casting operations here, unprofitable.

Tom Mullins, president of Tyler Economic Development Council: "We knew they were making some cuts, but we didn't know exactly when."

Overseas, manufacturing is cheaper, and that's where some of these jobs will go. McWane's David Green said in a letter to workers, "We remain committed to Tyler Pipe, and will continue to make significant capital investments to maintain our competitiveness."

Jeremy Thompson says a little time would have been nice.

"They knew [the cutback] was coming, probably months ago," he says.

He had no idea he'd be jobless today.

"Basically, [supervisors said] 'Here are your walking papers. Thank you.'"

He just got married last month, has two children, and now must scramble to find another job soon. In the meantime, his wife, Ladena, is sole breadwinner.

Jeremy says, "If I had time, I could pretty much find a job that I wanted and it could fit in and it wouldn't be a burden on her to pay for everything." Over the past month, Jeremy says he's heard rumors of layoffs, but there's no way to plan when he says it was just word of mouth.

"And when you ask somebody that should know something about it, [they said[ "No, you don't have to worry about it."

Now as he moves on, he feels Tyler Pipe did respect his work over the past year, but in the end hasn't respected the worker.

"I have nothing against the work of Tyler Pipe.  I'm just upset about the way they handled the situation," he says.

Tyler Pipe's parent company, McWane, didn't directly address to KLTV Jeremy Thompson's complaint, except to say they regret the job cuts.  They added they hope to re-hire some of the laid-off workers as other employees leave Tyler Pipe for other reasons.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.