East Texas Wins Silver Medal For Pizza

An east Texas man has won a silver medal in a world wide competition, but not in sports , in pizza. Corrado Castiglione, the operator of "Don Giovanni's" in White Oak, was on a trip to Las Vegas in March when he stumbled into the world pizza games and was a last minute entry.

"Once i got on stage they hit the timer to go, everything just went away i was fine" he says.

He entered the speed competition, and with little time to prepare, made the top 5 in the world.

"I mean i knew i could compete I've been doing this my whole life, i just went to the expo for the expo and the next thing i know I'm winning a silver medal" he says.

He went up against hundreds of entries from all over the world, and came away with a silver medal, making 5 pizza doughs in 1:40. He's happy with the accomplishment for his town, and something special.

"It's a small town i feel good to be here its a prideful town i think they'll be proud of me, my father passed away about 9 years ago and he was big into pizza making he never competed i was real proud i feel like i did this for my father and mother and family".

And on any given day in White Oak, you can catch the silver medalist doing what he does best, making pizza, and his silver medal is on display.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com