Plane Crash Kills Three In Marion County

Investigators are trying to figure out what caused a small plane to crash in an east Texas lake , killing 3 people. Two women and one man were all aboard a single engine plane this afternoon, flying over "Lake O' the Pines" when it suddenly went down. Marion county sheriffs' deputies say it happened near F-M 729 and the "Alley Creek" bridge outside of Ore city. Divers were in the lake for hours before finally recovering all three bodies.

Witnesses told investigators that the plane came in low, only about 30 feet above the water, and pulled up to avoid hitting the bridge. Witnesses say the plane then clipped a power line, sheering off a wing, and crashing into the lake. Investigators are trying to find out why the plane was flying so low. The F.A.A. and N.T.S.B. are investigating.