Floodwater turns Kilgore field of dreams into field of craters

Floodwater turns Kilgore field of dreams into field of craters

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - It was a field of dreams, but now it's a field of mud.

The Kilgore Youth Softball Association has three fields of play right now, but they used to have four. One of them was flooded so badly during recent rains that much of the infield was washed away.

Cody Wilson, president of Kilgore Youth Softball Association, has been with the organization for a decade and he said it's the first year he's seen it flood that way.

A nearby creek flooded most of the whole lower field for a couple days; twice in two months. He snapped a few pictures of the water, but when the water drains he said it washes ll the dirt away.

"It creates holes in the field," Wilson said.

And the holes are pretty big.

There's also a 4-foot wide hole by the dugout.

It's no laughing matter because it's not just Kilgore League play.

"We host tournaments for girl's fast-pitch softball. That's more than just Kilgore. I mean, that's girls from all over the state," Wilson explained.

That can really mess with tournament scheduling with one less field of play. Sometimes he has to tell players tough news.

"You're not playing tonight. You may play on another field tomorrow night or next week," Wilson said.

And the players are all girls from ages 3 to 18 so the "Majority of them don't drive," Wilson said. So it's not just players but families who are inconvenienced.

Softball association members aren't afraid of a little work.

"There's a handful of us. We get out here and a lot of times we're out her until 1 o'clock or two in the morning trying to get ready for games," Wilson said.

But the lower field needs dirt and to be reworked. Fences are falling down, and some are about to go because there's no dirt holding the posts in place.

"We just want to get the fields safe and playable," Wilson added.

That way instead of Wilson being literally out standing in his field, he can be out standing on it.

The Kilgore Youth Softball Association always welcomes volunteers to help with maintenance, but this time, they need dirt too. If you'd like to help with a monetary donation or want information about volunteering click here.

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