Better East Texas: One-on-one with candidates

Better East Texas: One-on-one with candidates

EAST MOUNTAIN, TX (KLTV) - Perhaps we saw the ultimate truth test on the campaign trail this past week and perhaps we need to see more of it.

Hillary Clinton sat down for a close quarters interview with a small group of voters in Williamson, West Virginia. Absent are the big stages, the podiums, the teleprompter and the pep rally type atmosphere. All that is traded for a dinner table and this small group.

Now, there were obviously a group of media there to capture every word, but it was as intimate a group as you will get on the campaign trail for president. Secretary Clinton took a question from a laid off coal worker who asked her about her words given during a speech where she said she was going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. It was an emotional time for the coal worker.

Clinton did not handle the exchange well and said her words were a misstatement but did pledge to try to help those workers affected by current economic conditions that don't favor the coal industry. While the impact of coal regulation might seem far away in some mid-Atlantic state, we have coal mines right here in East Texas. But the bigger point is that it was refreshing to see a candidate have to look a voter in the eye and have to listen to their personal situation.

We saw it several election cycles ago with 'Joe the plumber' and we need more candidate exchanges like it and less rehearsed, sterile speeches that are written to generate more excitement than substance.

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