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New Technology Protecting Children

      A new piece of technology now available in east Texas will help in the efforts to find lost or missing children. A session at "Applewood academy" day care in Longview was held for a new expansive kind of identification, called "safe kids cards".

   "This was different because you could actually pop it into your computer and you have all their medical information there needed, right for any amber alert, any medical alert you just flip it in and it's right there" said day care director Candace Bradshaw.

     East Texans "Billy and Karen Mars" run "safe kids card of east Texas", making mini c-d roms', only the size of a credit card, that hold vital information that can be quickly accessed for missing persons.

    "Well it can save a lot of time if your child is missing, a lot of time gathering data" says Karen.

     On a miniature c-d rom every possible piece of helpful information would be contained on a missing child, all the way down to their favorite playmate after school. From a squad car computer, law enforcement can use the c-d to post in seconds what used to take hours, hair color, eye color , height, weight, birthmarks, pictures, and forward it other agencies in seconds.

   "In such a fast paced society it's just a little way to ensure just a little bit of safety" says Karen Mars.

     The "safe kids cards" cost 12-dollars for a complete c-d, and only the parents or spouses are allowed to keep the information. Not even the Mars' company is allowed to keep personal information of the applicants. Bob hallmark reporting.

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