Better East Texas: UIL should take action in Lufkin enrollment flop

Better East Texas: UIL should take action in Lufkin enrollment flop

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Recently, it was reported that the Lufkin Independent School District turned in lower than actual student enrollment numbers for the High School.

The effect of the wrong number is that Lufkin High School competed in academic and sporting events in a 5A district when they should have been 6A.

Teams from Lufkin won numerous accolades and awards as well the boys' soccer state championship. Omitted from the enrollment reports were students at some ancillary campuses but the administration should have known the students were supposed to be included. So this looks really bad and the students are caught in the middle.

In past instances where student eligibility was found to be in error, the UIL stripped titles from those teams that won and some of them were state championships. This is a rare situation where either error or malicious act by some will impact innocent students. But, the UIL must do the right thing. If there is no written policy, then the UIL will need to create it. If there is policy, then they need to follow it and that may cost the kids.

Again, rules are in place for a reason and, in sports and other student activities, student eligibility policies are there for a reason as well as rules that create fair competitive situations. The UIL must follow the theme and the pillars of their handbook which says, and I quote, "implementing and maintaining proper sportsmanship will be CHARACTER, ATTITUDE, RESPONSIBILITY, and ETHICS."

That is the scoreboard that means the most and creates a Better East Texas.

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