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Student forced to cut hair claims discrimination

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(ABC) - A high school student in Tomball, Texas is speaking out against a school policy that he says discriminates against boys.

That policy has to do the length of a student's hair.

The Tomball Memorial High School senior says he was all but forced to cut his hair. The straight-A student has been through two days of in-school suspension and says school officials even threatened to keep him from walking at graduation if he didn't.

Mickey Cohen, 17, recorded his mother cutting his hair. It's a Facebook post that's been viewed nearly 200,000 times. Important, Cohen says, to show what he believes is a discrimination at the school.

Cohen says, " In my mind it is (discrimination). It imposes a rule on men but not on women."

Cohen is right in that the student dress code spells out specifically that, for male students: "When combed, their length should not extend below the bottom of a dress collar or the top of a t-shirt." It does not specify the maximum length for female students, saying only that the hair for any student should not be, "styled in any way that is distracting to the learning environment. 

District officials say students are required to sign a form at the start of the school year saying they will abide by the student code of conduct.

Cohen's father, Yigal Cohen in fact, claims the school district is causing the distraction by making an issue of his son's hair. The teen says further he'd worn it in a bun every day before school officials complained.

He wants to know how they would know he's in violation of district requirements if they never had him take his hair down to measure it. He gave in so that he could be sure to take all his finals and to walk at graduation. But he's filed a grievance with the district and says the fight isn't over.

Tomball ISD says Cohen's argument is moot because part of the student code of conduct also requires the complying with directives given by school personnel.

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