Better East Texas: How Cruz and Kasich are forcing voters' hands

Better East Texas: How Cruz and Kasich are forcing voters' hands

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Republican establishment is showing its backside by organizing Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich to unite against frontrunner Donald Trump.

I am not a Trump fan but he will only be strengthened by the recent pact between Cruz and Kasich where they will each focus on winning specific state primaries in a move to keep Trump from winning those states, resulting in a contested Republican convention. It is assumed that they would then use the convention rules to force multiple votes to determine the Republican presidential nominee – giving everyone in the race a chance.

It is moves like this one that are driving likely voters to revolt against the establishment.

It started with Governor Mitt Romney and his speech against Trump and it continues today with this unified approach to block Trump's nomination. It is destructive to the party. In this election, professional politicians have been challenged not just by other candidates, but also a system that seemingly wants to control the democratic process.

You'd like to give the entire process the benefit of the doubt but these strategies appear to have a lot of coordination. We still need to vote come November and hopefully, we will have full faith in the process that delivers the candidates for us to consider – but you can count on questions about the electoral college and the general election being a topic then – and that's a whole other bag of mess.

We all want the process to be pure but sometimes that hardly seems like the case.

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