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Affidavit: Suspect provides conflicting stories in Longview double homicide

Dustin Bennett (Source: KLTV Staff) Dustin Bennett (Source: KLTV Staff)
Dustin Bennett (Source: Gregg County Jail) Dustin Bennett (Source: Gregg County Jail)
Patricia Baker (Source: Gregg County Jail) Patricia Baker (Source: Gregg County Jail)
Craig Davison (Source: Gregg County Jail) Craig Davison (Source: Gregg County Jail)
Craig Davison (Source: KLTV Staff) Craig Davison (Source: KLTV Staff)

An arrest warrant is revealing new details in a Longview double homicide case.

On March 23, DeKeilen Joe Nelson, 20, of Gilmer, and Kevin Lorenzo Stephenson, 28, of Henderson were found dead near railroad tracks in Longview.

Three people have been arrested and charged with capital murder in connection with their deaths, Dustin Charles "Tattoo" Bennett, 36 of Longview, Craig "Harley" Davison, 50, of Harrison County, and Patricia Francine "Cricket" Baker, 19, of Hallsville.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit obtained Monday, the men were found bound by zip-ties and with multiple gunshot wounds. Police reference a preliminary autopsy report that shows Nelson was shot in the head and neck while Stephenson was shot in the head and back.

The warrant shows the third person arrested in the crime, Bennett, gave conflicting stories about how the men died multiple times, at one point telling police that Stephenson and Nelson were shot in retaliation for a theft they allegedly committed at Davison's home in Hallsville.

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Bennett told police that prior to the murders, Davison had set up a deal in which Bennett would sell Stephenson two shotguns in exchange for money and/or drugs. Bennett says the deal did not go as planned after Davison told him that Nelson and Stephenson did not yet have the money or drugs to complete the deal.

"Bennett stated that he felt that he got 'screwed' on that deal by Harley because Harley knew Red and DK. Bennet said that Harley only later told him that DK and Red were responsible for stealing from Harley," the affidavit reads.

According to the warrant, at about 4 a.m. March 21, Stephenson, Nelson and a woman drove to Davison's cabin after receiving a text message from Davison. The woman told police "she thought that they were going to Harley's (Davison's) to smoke a blunt with him to help with his seizures."

When they arrived, Stephenson entered the residence while the woman and Nelson remained in the car. They later heard Stephenson shouting and attempted to enter the home. They were blocked at the front door by Davison but the witness told police she could see a man, later identified as Bennett, pointing a 12-gauge shotgun at Stephenson.

The warrant shows that as this was occurring, Davison appeared to experience a seizure. Two women came to his aid - one of whom was Baker, who is also now charged with capital murder in the case. Meanwhile, Bennett pulled Nelson into the house while another man blindfolded the witness and took her back to her motel room.

"Bennett said that he was told to hold DK (Nelson) and Red (Stephenson) at gunpoint because it was believed that ... (they) had the money and drugs for the gun deal in their car even though they claimed otherwise. Bennett said that his 'orders' were to scare DK and Red and he admitted to holding the stolen Bushmaster AR-15 rifle and pointing it at DK and Red," the document states.

In the document, Bennett alleges that Baker assisted in putting zip-ties on the men, who were then driven to train tracks near the 3600 block of Estes Parkway.

The arrest warrant also notes that the rifle used in this incident was reported stolen from a vehicle on March 15 at a Longview business on Highway 259.

Bennett offered different accounts of how the men died, at one point saying he heard six shots fired and at another point saying "he slipped on a rock and the gun accidentally went off."

He told police that the round struck Stephenson in the head and that after that happened, he shot Nelson in the back of the head.

"Bennett stated that he shot DK and Red one time each and that Harley told him that one shot may not be enough. According to Bennett, Harley then took the rifle from him and shot a total of three to four more rounds at DK and Red," the document states.

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After, one of the suspects allegedly dumped the vehicle the victims arrived in. A burned car found March 24 on County Road 2105 in Rusk County was later connected to the case. Police determined that the vehicle was driven by Nelson the night of his death.

According to the document, police accessed cellphone records showing the last known location of Nelson's phone was about a mile and a half from Davison's residence in Hallsville.

Bennett was arrested March 23 on a burglary of a vehicle charge. During his incarceration, he was questioned by police and provided them with details of the crime.

Baker and Davison were arrested Friday. Davison was taken into custody at his residence on Roy Green Road in Hallsville. Bennett told police that Davison had a log home that he thought was on about 300 acres. He also told police there were underground passages connecting the house with storage buildings on the property.

Property records show Davison owns a home that sits on 2 acres on Roy Green Road in Hallsville.

The suspects were arraigned Monday, each on a charge of capital murder of multiple persons. Bond has been set at $2 million each.

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