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Hornet Soccer Team Outworking Competition

The Athens Hornets are regional semifinal champions, and riding a thirteen game winning streak.

So what do they do for an encore?

They go right back to work.

Forced indoors by the rain, the Hornets continue their workouts knowing one more win takes them to the state tournament.

"We set a goal at the first of the year to be state champs," senior Andrew Tulley says. "Since the first of the season, we've been working out, running three or four miles a day."

"I'd say on average," junior Eduardo Hernandez says, "We run about five miles a game. It's a lot of running. It's a long season, twenty-something games, and it's very grueling."

The Hornets have played it close so far, three one-goal playoff wins, and two shoot-outs. For this team, this season is a chance to establish something. Athens wants to go from being a perennial playoff team to being thought of as a state power.

"Don't be satisfied with what you've accomplished," coach D. J. Hammonds says. "Yeah, this is the farthest an Athens team has ever gone, but we've got our eyes set on a state title, and we talk about that every day with these kids."

"We make sure we have our priorities."

Up next, the regional final against Aledo. Even though they'll get a scouting report, the Hornets still intend to outwork their opponent regardless of what they're up against.

"You can learn as much as you want about a team," Tulley explains, "but if you're not better than them, you're not going to beat them."

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.

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