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Reklaw Residents Angry Over Trash Ordinance

Under a new ordinance in Rusk County residents could be fined if they live in homes littered with trash, within 300 feet of a public street. It was passed at a meeting Tuesday night despite protests of many county residents, including the mayor of Reklaw, who says the county should lead by example.

KLTV went to downtown Reklaw today to see what he was talking about and found a building we confirmed is owned by the county's tax office. It has trash all around it, and the roof is caving in.

"I would like to see the county do something about it , I've been wanting it out ever since I moved out here" says local businessman Billy Philyaw. " For years the city has tried to get it cleaned up. It was formerly a grocery store, then a warehouse, now it has standing trash around it, the roof is caving in. "Just tear it down get it out of here , I'll cut the grass if they'll get it out" says Reklaw resident Harris Gasbard.

One Reklaw councilman told us he believes the county should lead by example. "Lets start here, this is the place we need to do it start at home before you try to clean up somewhere else. Clean this up I think that a wonderful idea, but don't say you go and clean up but I won't clean up mine, but you go, I don't believe in that" says Reklaw city councilman Charlie Thornton.

No word on when the county plans to clean up or demolish the building.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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