School Bus Crashes Into SUV, Children Hurt

Several children were hurt and others taken to the hospital as a precaution, after a Timpson ISD school bus slammed into the back of an SUV at Loop 323 and Troup Hwy. in Tyler. Timpson is about 25 miles north of Nacogdoches.

The kids were band members headed from a competition at Chapel Hill ISD, looking to have dinner at a Tyler restaurant. The bus was carrying twenty nine kids.  It was behind another school owned vehicle, an SUV.

The GMC Yukon had stopped on Loop 323 at Troup Highway, but the bus driver wasn't able to stop in time.

Chaperone Annie Lampkin: "After we got over in another lane, I saw that the dents and everything inside the Yukon and I knew then that there was a wreck."

Some kids were crying, some just in shock. In a rainstorm, police say the driver hit the brakes, but the bus kept moving.

Tyler Police Officer Don Martin: "We've got wet slick streets right now because of the weather, and because it's a downgrade, [the driver] didn't allow a safe distance. She hit the brakes and started sliding."

Lampkin: "It was raining pretty bad because when we had left, it was horrible. Winds were real bad."

The students were heading to dinner in Tyler from a band contest in Chapel Hill, 7th and 8th grade kids who were having a fun afternoon.

Lampkin: "They're pretty sore because it hit them pretty hard, and just there was no one really seriously hurt, but they're going to be sore for a couple of days."

Every kid went to the hospital, just to make sure. Frantic parents made the trip from Timpson, hearing only bits of just what happened.

Parent Arnold Jordan: "Kids hitting the seats, hitting the chairs, and their heads, no blood nothing."

Parents reunited, and students who will be back in class Thursday, thankful this evening wasn't worse, after one of the best performances this band has ever had.

Lampkin: "We made sweepstakes, we made ones across the board. We never expected something like this to happen on such a great day."

The driver of the school bus, 33-year-old Felicia Jackson, was cited by Tyler Police for failing to stop in time.

Reported in Morgan Palmer.