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Jennings Lung Cancer

"Finally this evening, a brief note about change," said Peter Jennings.

His voice, noticeably different.

"As some of you now know I have learned in the last couple of days I have lung cancer."

His smile, a little vulnerable.

"I wonder if other men and women ask their doctors right away, okay, doc, when does the hair go?"

His attitude, heroic, but Peter Jennings faces a tough road ahead.

"Long term survival meaning 5 years in general is about 14 percent with treatment, that means only one in 7 are still alive after diagnosis," says Dr. Jim Stocks of UT Heath Center.

Jennings decision to opt for chemotherapy over a surgery is not a good sign according to Dr. James Stocks.

'The highest opportunity or chance for cure in lung cancer is to have the tumor removed," said Dr. Stocks. He says the chemo may take a noticeable toll on Jennings, as well. He may be thinner and his voice may continue to weaken.

"Unfortunately, by the time we find lung cancer it is often fairly advanced, because cancers in the lung don't tend to cause symptoms until they are large or have already spread somewhat," says Dr. Stocks. He just hopes all smokers get the message, smoking can and often leads to cancer. If you've ever smoked, Stocks says get routine chest x-rays, because your best chance for survival, is early diagnosis.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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