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Couple Warned For Unsightly Trash On Private Property

Driving down Old Dallas-Shreveport Road, you can't miss this display of trashed private property. "This is extreme," says Precinct 5 Constable Dennis Taylor. "Like I said it's been here for years and years and years." You'll find everything from broken down cars and construction equipment. There's a gutted abandoned trailer, along with others that just sit...empty. We were there as Constable Taylor arrived at the residence to address the problem and issue a warning.

"In 30 days, we come back and it's not cleaned up to our satisfaction, then we assign them to [Justice of The Peace] court. And they can be fined up to $500 per day until it is cleaned up."

The trash doesn't stop at the front it stretches a good 300 feet beyond the main road. If a small child was playing out there, it wouldn't be easy getting through all the trash which poses a serious safety hazard.

"I've just seen y'alls things on TV about the cars and everything. I've been worried about it for a while and I know I need to get something done," says Dwayne Bishop. He and his wife, Cheri, rent one of the trailers on the property and say they'll begin cleaning up right away.

Constable Taylor credits the public speaking out about being tired of seeing East Texas, trashed. "The last three places we've been to in the last week, they've said the same thing 'We've been seeing you on TV, we knew you were coming. Don't make us come, clean your place up,"

Christine Nelson reporting.

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