Better East Texas: Spieth has great future in golf

Better East Texas: Spieth has great future in golf

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Recently, professional golfer Jordan Spieth placed second in what is perhaps the most coveted golf crown in the U.S. – The Masters.

You probably heard that headline and you probably heard that Spieth led almost the entire tournament and then had a disastrous set of holes and ended up falling back to second place. Many sports pundits are calling the play of the Texan one of the greatest collapses in sports history – monumental – disastrous, etcetera.

But what continues to be lost in that story of Spieth is that he is not much more than a child – only 22 years old and already he is playing in the arena of golf accomplishment that has only a few other players. Yet, the criticism far outweighs the appreciation for his achievements at any age, let alone 22. It is a continued testimony about our society that loves a Hindenburg-like crash more than appreciating a meteoric rise.

Spieth has a great future ahead of him and it will take winning to silence critics and that is sad. Here is seemingly a good kid, who has won and lost on the largest stage in his chosen profession – something few will have even an opportunity to experience. He appears to have remained grounded in solid morals and hasn't been tracked down parading in LA or Las Vegas or showed up on some cell phone video acting like a teenager.

Spieth is a very good golfer and appears to be as good a person and we can all learn a little from his example at the Masters.

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