Better East Texas: Trump's temper tantrum

Better East Texas: Trump's temper tantrum

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Republican presidential circus heads to New York in the coming days and the war between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and even John Kasich continues to escalate.

It has become strikingly obvious that Senator Ted Cruz knows how to work the election system and it is driving Donald Trump crazy. Trump is being out-Trumped by Cruz through a larger, more savvy political machine that knows the rules of the individual states and has used that knowledge recently to help Cruz gain significantly more delegates than Trump, although Trump still leads overall.

Trump just cannot admit when he has been out-flanked. He is now saying the system is corrupt and the rules are rigged. This after Cruz dominated the delegate count in Colorado. Now, the rules in Colorado were definitely unique and probably need to be revisited by state party leaders. But now is not the time to come out against the rules.

It is akin to not being picked first for the neighborhood football team and then taking your football and going home.

Trump has had nearly 6 months to call foul on this particular state rule set and he didn't. It makes Trump look bad and his organization careless. To throw a temper tantrum now will not help his cause.

This year's election process continues to chart new ground and spark new discussion. Perhaps, just perhaps, it will inspire new voters to go to the polls and support the candidate of their choice, regardless of who is screaming about what.

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