The Gopher: "Does It Work?"

It's the pick-up and reaching tool that says it can eliminate bending, climbing and straining. The claim is, it's good for hundreds of uses, and June Penn has agreed to help us test a few of those.

The Gopher's about 3 feet long, lightweight, and after playing with it for a minute, we learned it folds up for easy storage. Ms. Penn's pantry offers some interesting challenges. First she grabs a box of sandwich bags. She fumbled a bit with this first try, but quickly got the feel of it. Boxes, cans, she was able to grab anything she wanted from the top shelf of her pantry.

We dropped some change on the floor. The Gopher didn't do so well trying to pick up a quarter from the tile floor. But it was very easily done from the carpeted area.

Drop something in a narrow area? The Gopher can reach between the washer and dryer to fetch it for you. Ms. Penn was even able to stay seated and pull the chain on her ceiling fan to turn on the lights.

Out in the garage, she found the Gopher useful for grabbing items from the back of her SUV.

And there was one final challenge. The Gopher advertises its ability to pick up something as tiny as this paper clip but as big as a 5 pound bag of sugar. We could only find a 4 pound bag but the Gopher handled it with ease. Got the paper clip too.

So "Does It Work?" "I think it works," says Ms. Penn.

We give the Gopher, a "yes."

We paid $9.99 for the Gopher at Walgreen's in Tyler.

Joe terrell, reporting.