27 Honored At Hope Awards

Nearly two million adults in Texas are victims of sexual assault. Tuesday, the East Texas Crisis Center gave out Hope Awards to thank those who have helped victims.

Those honored included KLTV 7's Promotions Manager Debbie Sallee and Sales Executive Cindy Dotson, law officials, prosecutors, doctors and advocates who have dedicated many hours to the center and victims.

The recipients were selected because they were willing to work and talk with those left to deal with what is often a silent crime.

"Every year it seems there are more and more people that really deserve this award because we cannot do this work alone it really takes a community," said Joan Ford with the East Texas Crisis Center. "To have these professionals and these individuals who are not only willing but go above and beyond to help, its very gratifying."

After the awards, the crisis center kicked off its ribbon campaign.

More than 5,000 teal ribbons were given to 20 local law agencies, hospitals, social services and school districts.

Those ribbons represent April, Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. They are to be worn or displayed the entire month.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com