Marine Back Home After Spending Two Tours In Iraq

Sergeant Bobby Philips just arrived home in Gilmer Sunday. He was responsible for 40 Marines that served in his platoon. Philips says, thankfully, none of them were seriously injured during their time in Iraq.

The 26-year-old is home in Gilmer just until next Wednesday, when he'll return to his base in North Carolina. In Iraq, he and his platoon drove convoys to bases around Fallujah, delivering supplies.

Philips first went to Iraq when the war began. He returned just this past August. Between the two tours, Philips says Iraq changed drastically for both the Iraqi people and the soldiers.

"It wasn't so dangerous for us the first time because we were in general support. This time, the living is better, of course we've been in the country for a while so they've built everything up. But it's a lot more dangerous because of I.E.D's and R.P.G.'s and snipers. They just come out of nowhere," says Sergeant Philips.

Philips has been in the Marines for the past six years. He says he will leave the military in October and plans to become a firefighter back home in East Texas.

Amy Tatum, reporting.