Better East Texas: An uncertain presidential election

Better East Texas: An uncertain presidential election

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - After the Wisconsin primaries, the races for both the Republican and Democrat nominations for president are pretty muddy.

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders both won their respective primaries while the front runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are left scratching their heads. The possibility of a contested convention is very real on the Republican side and possible on the Democrat side.

So this is an uncertain time for many voters as we feel we have cast our ballots but the ultimate decision on the nominees may rest with delegates to the convention, especially if the votes at the convention go through two or three rounds. At that point, delegates can vote for who they'd like. And while many supporters of Trump are standing hard and fast on the truth that he is the front-runner, his problem is that he does not have a majority of delegates – no one does.

So, again, this causes suspicion and calls into trust the process of selecting a nominee when there is no majority winner after the primary season.  Fortunately, the framers of each party have rules and procedures in place when this occurs – granted, the issue is that this has not occurred very often. So, as voters, we need to continue to have trust in the system but be realistic that at least one candidate – maybe the front-runner, will not get the nomination.

If that is the result, you can expect lawsuits and other legal wrangling that will only fracture the affected party. And that is not good.

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