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Streets Of Speed: Golden Road

A Tyler man who lives near Moore Middle School wants the speed limit there lowered significantly.

The speed limit on the stretch of Golden Road that runs east of the school is 40 mph. Barry Jacobs wants that lowered to 25 mph.

The street runs behind the school. And a lot of students cross it to get home or to get to their parents' cars parked across the street.

The city's Traffic Safety Board is considering Jacobs' proposal at its meeting tomorrow morning.

Jacobs says his children went to Moore Middle School, so he's concerned about the students there today.

"If there's a ballgame going on, everybody's parked across the street," he said. "And if they run these balls out into the street, kids sometimes don't look. And that was the big concern, was their safety, of course."

Parents we talked to say they, too, are concerned, but they think 25 mph is a little too slow, that 30 mph is slow enough. Our speed zapper showed most drivers did stay under the current speed limit of 40 mph.

Julie Tam, reporting.


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