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French Diet

Paris is known as "the city of lights," "the city of love, " but how about the "city of thin"? You can't help but notice French women aren't fat. In fact, French women and their diets have inspired a best selling book, titled "French Women Just Don't Get Fat."

It's a diet book that's not a real diet. No strict guidelines, just moderation.

"The French just have a totally different way of life than we Americans do," says nutritionist Mandy Jefferson. She says the key to this diet is portion sizes. On it you can eat bread, chocolate, cheese, even drink wine.

"When they eat those food they eat very small amounts," Mandy says.

The book also claims American women eat up to 30 percent more than French women, because American's eat fast.

"When you eat fast, it takes longer for your body to get the signal you are full and you eat even though you don't need it," she says.

The other key to being French thin: where you eat.

"They eat meals at the table, unlike us, we sit at the TV and eat in the bedroom, and when you eat, and you're not paying attention to your food, you eat more," she adds.

The French would also never drive thru for a fast fix and would never order a super-sized soda.

They also drink a lot of water, and they never drink sodas, juices, or coffees that Americans tend to drink," says Mandy.

These diet keys make the French diet, a huge success according to Mandy. She hopes more East Texans start eating French.</P</P

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