Better East Texas: The fallout from Apple's failed hacking stand

Better East Texas: The fallout from Apple's failed hacking stand

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The FBI recently announced that they had found a solution to their struggle to open the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

The federal government was suing Apple, the maker of the iPhone, to try to force the company into creating a digital back door to get the encrypted data from the phone with the hope that it could provide vital information on this terrorist attack.

Apple pushed back, citing the risk to personal privacy over national security. It is a tough call but Apple should have moved forward with creating the solution themselves. Now, a third party, an unidentified entity or group, has come forward to the FBI and delivered a technical hack of the iPhone, which has unlocked it.

So Apple, who could have controlled the process if they had created this solution themselves, is now at the mercy of at least one third party, not affiliated with them who can crack their code. The government got what they needed and perhaps this will help in their investigation of this terrorist attack on U.S. soil but Apple has to be wondering how they can respond to the pressure of someone else, cracking their code.

I understand Apple's position on not agreeing to a digital back door, but they should have worked it out with the FBI and kept the procedure confidential. In this new normal of potential terror attacks, we will lose some privacy for a little protection – it is just inevitable. It is also sad but perhaps a day will come when the war on terror actually makes the world safer.

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