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The house on Caddo Street: A father's decades-long fight to legitimize his son's death


We don’t normally think of code enforcement as a dangerous job.

However, 10 years ago, a Texas code enforcement officer set out to ticket a house for violations. The city he worked for had determined that the home needed to be repaired or demolished. Previous warnings had been given to the homeowner, but when the officer arrived to take pictures, he was confronted by the homeowner’s son.

That confrontation turned violent and resulted in the officer’s death. 

The homeowner’s son was arrested and convicted of murder. He was executed last week in Huntsville. But in the city where both the victim and his killer lived, the house at the center of the deadly confrontation is still standing, and still being occupied by the murderer’s father.

So what ever came of the original citation? Why was it never served? And with the house still being in violation of the city’s codes, why is it still standing?

We sat down with the murdered officer’s father as he talked about his decade-long fight to see his son’s death legitimized. The results of our investigation into why the city hasn’t fulfilled the duty that got one of their own killed.

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