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Twin Brothers Taking Bullfighting From College To Pulpit

Twin brothers Clint and Clay Lewis are getting ready to represent their school, as part of Panola College's first ever rodeo team.

"It's good to make history, you know," Clint says. "You look back, and now you'll be able to say we're the first ones who ever went to that college. And right now, Clay's winning the region, so that's something great to look back on."

Clint and Clay grew up at the rodeo, and have been bullriders for six years. For their troubles, the brothers have brought home trophies, saddles, belt buckles, and some broken bones.

"I broke my leg," Clay explains, "The bull was coming out of the chute, and I kind of hug my foot, and it twisted in half. I broke my nose after that, broke my jaw after that."

"It was a pretty rough year," he laughs.

His injuries may have helped Clay choose his career path, he's studying nursing at Panola College.

The twins have always loved the rodeo, and used their success to found a ministry that accompanies them wherever they ride.

"Bullriding gives us a chance to be able to spread the word," Clint says. "The way I want to make a living is being able to ride bulls and spread God's word and work on my ranch. If God allows that, it'd be pretty awesome."

"There's a lot of people that go to rodeos," Clay agrees, "That you won't catch in a church sometimes."

The brothers feel like they're prepared for the rodeo, because the rodeo has prepared them for life.

Panola College will compete over the weekend in their first college rodeo in Carthage, against other schools from the Southern Region of the NIRA.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.

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