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Weather Damage Hits Close To Home For Tyler Woman

"At first we heard the rain, the wind and the hail. The hail is what really caught my attention," says Elisabeth McKinley of Tyler. But little did Elisabeth McKinley know the massive tree in her backyard came crashing down. She didn't realize the destruction until this morning. "I got up and was looking out the front yard and just thought, you know, I need to look around and see if anything else has happened and I saw the big tree."

Ironically, Elisabeth's home is part of the Historic Tyler, Inc. tours in the Azalea District. The tree is the last thing she wants the guests to see. "My heart just skipped a beat. Mainly because we are having the candlelight party at the house tonight and expect at least 350 people." The tree was so large it not only uprooted from Elisabeth's backyard but it fell into her neighbor's back porch, practically crushing everything in its path.

The large puddle of water under the tree is not the aftermath of the storm, the tree apparently busted a water pipe. Also a talker was the neighbor's back porch. The patio furniture was toppled by the tree's limbs. Not even the SUV could escape it's fall. "It's also just part of living in an older home, in an older neighborhood. This happens. It's happened to a couple of my neighbors in the past year or two. It's just part of where we live unfortunately."

Elisabeth says she usually says a prayer when a strong storm comes through. It still was answered, though, because someone could have been injured or killed.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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