Some Longview Restaurants Have Inspection Violations

Five Longview area restaurants were hit with serious violations in the latest round of inspections, including Fabulous Food at 2002 Judson Road had seven violations. Inspected March 14th, cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures and a food freezer was not operating. They scored a "B."

Seven violations were found in a March 14th inspection of the restaurant inside the Oil Bowl at 1102 Cotton Street. There were uncleaned food contact surfaces and improper rapid re-heating of foods. They scored a "C."

The restaurant inside Midway Food-Mart at 3400 Gilmer Road had seven violations in a March 11th inspection. Hot foods were at unsafe temperatures, and there was standing undisposed garbage. They scored a "B."

Six violations were found in a February 21st inspection of Cafe Barron at 405 West Loop 281. There were hygienic violations by employees, and evidence of rodent infestation. They scored a "B."

And the Colonade restaurant at 2400 Judson Road had six violations in a March 24th inspection. There was cross contamination of raw and cooked foods, and toxic items were improperly labeled and stored. They scored a "B."

All inspection reports are provided by the Longview Environmental Health Department.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

*Editor's Note:   The Longview Environmental Health Department says a computer error gave Casa Ole at 410 West Loop 281 an incorrect score.  Casa Ole did not get a "C" score, nor did it have as many violations as originally reported.  The restaurant actually got a "B". The Longview Health Department blames a computer glitch for the mistake and has formally apologized to Casa Ole management, and amended the report.