Golf Company Claims, 'It Just Might Be The Clubs'

For everyone who blames their golfing woes on their clubs, here is your answer. There is a company called TourFit. You may have seen them on the Golf Channel. They are at Hollytree Country Club in Tyler this afternoon, where their tour trailer is currently set up for the rest of the week. They claim that 90% of amateur golfers play with clubs that don't fit. Over the past 7 years, they have fit over 50,000 people, with absolutely no allegiance to any particular manufacturer. They measure, analyze and fit, all right there in their trailer, highlighted by their state of the art launch monitor.

"It gives us launch angle," said TourFit Operating Partner Jimmy Walsworth, "ball speed, club head speed, and allows us to use that technology to then best complete the fit process, for their prescription if you will."

For more information on TourFit, you can call 866-TOURFIT, or visit their website at

Kevin Berns reporting.