Our top pies to enjoy on National Pi Day

Our top pies to enjoy on National Pi Day

(KLTV/KTRE) - Every year on March 14, the world "celebrates" National Pi Day. People, such as engineers, scientists, and teachers, need the symbol for 3.14 to calculate things like flight paths and audio processing...and to teach math students, of course. 

While we are grateful that those bright people can use pi to do those things, we have other kinds of "pi" we are actually better at: the edible kind.

Let's combine the two, the mathematical symbol pi with the edible pie, and cook up something delicious to celebrate the day.

Here are our top recipes to try on this delicious, mathematical day:

Peaches and cream freezer pie - What could be better than a cool peach pie on a warm day in the South?

5-ingredient S'mores pie - Takes five minutes and five ingredients to make this luscious pie!

Mama Steph's apple slab pie - Using a baking sheet and prepared pie dough makes this pie as easy as it is delicious.

4-ingredient chocolate crunch pie - If only our trigonometry class had been this easy to complete.

Apple-pumpkin skillet pie - make this one in a skillet for a rustic and delicious pie that is best served warm with ice cream, if you have it!

Savory tomato-basil-cheddar pie - For the handful of folks out there who don't like sweets; this flavorful pie is perfect for supper.

Fresh strawberry pie - Just like the kind you used to get at Shoney's or the local lunch cafeteria.

Rustic chicken pot pie - The perfect comfort food dinner for pi day. 

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