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River floods for third time in 3 months


For the third time in less than 3 months, an East Texas community is flooded by the swelling Sabine River.

Residents who live along River Road, south of White Oak, have had to go back and forth 3 times now, to escape the high water. At the highest level they've seen it yet, River Road neighbors have had to leave their homes several times because of the rising waters.

"This is the worst I've seen it before. It's even worse than it was a couple months ago seems like to me. That's kind of scary isn't it," says neighbor
Kelly Kalinek.  
The first round was in December, as heavy rain pushed the Sabine out of its banks. Then, January saw it crest again, flooding homes and businesses
like the Sand Bar Marina.
"There's no way to anticipate this. There’s no way to know this is going to happen this many times," says visitors Lauren and Scott Minze.
"The people that have homes down here, they can’t get to and from homes to get what they need to go to work and whatever.  I know that’s crazy," Kalinek says.
 This third round has the river running at its highest point, again flooding homes and stranding drivers caught in the high water.
"What all they're losing, furniture and possessions, haven't even finished rebuilding from the last time, and have it happen again," Kalinek says.
Worse, rain to the north means the Sabine will rise even higher.
"How in the world do you survive something like this?" Lauren says.
The Sabine is not yet at its peak and the river is expected to crest along River Road on Monday.
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