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East Texan Discovers Flaw In US Coin

An East Texas discovery is bringing in a nice piece of change. A Van Zandt county woman found a flaw in some U.S. coins that could be worth more than a hundred dollars.

Pam Ryman-Moir said she was just like most interested coin collectors, waiting on the release of the 2005 American Bison nickel. When she got them, she found more than a few were flawed. A line from the "E" in the writing appears to spear through the bison.

Collector magazines are crediting her with the finding the flaw. Pam said she never thought she'd be the one to ever make a discovery.

"When I found that one I'd given my husband one to take to work and show off," she said, "and I went and looked at it, it had a spear on it, I took it back real quick!" Pam did not want to release which Tyler bank she discovered the flawed coins, out of fear it would be flooded with requests for one of them.

A market value has not been placed on the nickel but she has sold some for more than $100. The coin is being called "Speared Bison" at her request.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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