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Freedom Fighters: Myrle Hall

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Myrle Hall spent twelve and a half years in the Air Force during World War Two and Korea.  

On December 7,1941, Myrle Hall was sitting in a movie theater at an Antigua army base, when the movie was suddenly interrupted. Hall had joined the army air corps, later named the air force, in 1940

With the declaration of war against Japan, he became crew chief on a bomber flying submarine patrol out of Puerto Rico.

At the beginning of World War II, Japanese submarines ruled the Pacific, while German subs, called wolf packs, were deadly hunters in the Atlantic.

Eventually, American bombers were supplied with radar, but  by that time Hall had been sent to England. 

Because of his experience as a mechanic, Hall was taken out of the bomb squadron, and assigned to build a mobile reclamation and repair service squadron. Hall's squadron was stationed in the English countryside. German buzz bombs went over their headquarters daily, directed at England's biggest cities, not realizing that the groups in the countryside were preparing for the" big event": the Normandy invasion.

Hall and his squadron  dismantled the many gliders that had been left by invading forces throughout France and Germany, and shipped them back to England. Airplanes were repaired, if possible, and put back into service.

With the war over in 1946, Hall was discharged, but two years later  he re-enlisted, just in time for the Korean War. Hall was stationed in Iceland for a year as part of an air rescue squadron.

After twelve and a half years of service, Hall left the air force and retired in East Texas. At the age of 96,  Myrle Hall  looks back at his years in the service with pride.

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