Better East Texas: The sad state of America's Team

Better East Texas: The sad state of America's Team

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Joseph Randle, the former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, has been arrested again.

This is the sixth time in 18 months that this once prominent player on the Cowboy's roster has gone through this. This particular arrest was a result of Randle failing to appear in court. This is the most recent in a string of violence and criminal behaviors attached to players associated with what used to be America's Team.

They are still known by that in some circles but the label of America's Team was earned before it was assigned back in the 1970s. It was earned because the players were respected, the coaches were respected and the entire organization was respected as the best of the best. They were not perfect but they became the model sports franchise in America.

Numerous head coaches today either played or coached or were influenced by the Cowboys of yesterday.

But with the continual parade of criminals that have joined the team and the potential for even more off the field trouble from rumored acquisitions, the Cowboys have devolved into an organization searching for nobility, respect, and unfortunately, honor.

There are still some decent, grounded players that realize the opportunity before them, but the Dallas Cowboys, as an organization, have suffered and devolved because of the actions of players like Randle, Greg Hardy and others and the luster has dimmed from the stars on the helmets. Perhaps this is a condition across all sports organizations but players must realize that being on a team like the Cowboys used to mean a higher standard of behavior.

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