Better East Texas: Get involved in the election process

Better East Texas: Get involved in the election process

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The results are in from Super Tuesday and the winners have been announced – almost.

The race for State Senate District 1, between Rep. Bryan Hughes, Rep. David Simpson and Major General Red Brown will be decided in a run-off but just who is in the run-off is not yet determined.

Hughes led all candidates with 48 percent of the vote but Simpson and Brown were separated by only 13 votes out of more than 56,000 votes between them.  Still to be tabulated are the provisional ballots that number in the hundreds. So it is possible Brown could slip into second spot, or that Simpson could strengthen his second-place finish. So, there are a couple of lessons here.

First of all, it is great to see qualified candidates running and the election system working as designed. Next, this is a lesson for us all that our vote counts.  We all probably know at least 13 people that complained about the over-the-top campaigning in the presidential primary that did not take the time to vote. It is a shame.

People will take more time to complain about political situations and candidates on Facebook over and over again, but won't take the time to vote. But fortunately, our election system has a plan for those of us that do vote, and when votes are close, run-offs happen. If you did not vote in the primary, you can still vote in the run-off but you certainly should vote in the general election no matter what.

Voting and the election process are important and sitting on the sidelines should not be an option.

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