Attorney General Warns Kids Of Online Predators

The danger of child predators on the Internet isn't fading fast in Texas, that's despite the state Attorney General busting more than 200 people for using the web to set up meetings with kids.

Attorney General Greg Abbott is now taking the fight to schools. He was in Tyler Tuesday promoting a new website that teaches kids the do's and dont's when they log on. Abbott also warns parents, that they need to get involved.

"Parents need to know there are predators who prey on children on the Internet. Parents need to sit down and have conversations with children about these dangers," Abbott said.

The Attorney General's office has an ongoing undercover operation, where investigators pose as children.   Predators soon contact them.

"Unfortunately within minutes on the internet, in the chat room, someone propositioned them to have sex and set up a time and a location," he said.

To visit Abbott's kid friendly site, click on the link near the top of this story.