5 handy tips for National Frozen Food Day

5 handy tips for National Frozen Food Day
Soups are great frozen! (Source: East Texas Kitchen)
Soups are great frozen! (Source: East Texas Kitchen)

(KLTV/KTRE) - Believe it or not, Congress designated March 6 as National Frozen Food Day, back in 1984. 

One may wonder why Congress designated, and President Ronald Reagan approved, such a day. Perhaps it was to help Americans emerge from a wasteful mindset, and to get them back to thinking like their grandparents, who preserved food longterm by many methods, one of which was deep freezing.

Here are some tips to help you freeze food easily and effectively:

1. If you want to pre-prepare meals to store in the freezer, some of the best to do that with are soups, stews, casseroles, chili and meatloaf. 

2. When freezing soups, chilis, and other free-flowing foods, use gallon-size freezer bags. Lay the bags flat on a cookie sheet inside the freezer, and allow the foods to freeze. Then take off the cookie sheet, and have nice, neat flat packets that you can stand up easily in the freezer, taking up much less space.

3. Remember, food that has already gone bad should be tossed, not frozen. The FDA says that the bacteria in the food are temporarily suspended when food is frozen, but it is reactivated when thawed.

4. Don't put hot foods in the freezer, as it will raise the temperature in your freezer, which can cause surrounding foods to partially thaw and refreeze. This will give that food an odd flavor and texture. Instead, place food in a shallow, wide container and refrigerate until cool, uncovered. Then place the food, covered, into the freezer. 

5. Freeze small amounts of coffee or juices in ice trays, then remove and place in freezer bags. Remove air, seal tightly, and use as needed for making smoothies and iced coffee.

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